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Audi TT Brakes.... :)

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Well im currently in the process of getting the front brakes from a 09plate Audi TT 3.2 Quattro, for my 05 VW Bora PD130,

Just a quick question......will they fit?!

Are they a good upgrade option?!

Many thanks x
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Don't think they will fit, you'd need brakes from a mk1 TT
As stated they will not fit they are a PCD 5x 112 the mk4 has a PCD of 5x 100
ok thanks! so are the mk1 tt brakes a good option?!

Well mk4 R32, and mk1 TT 3.2 have the biggest brakes that will be the compatible for the Bora.

Depends on what you are after??

Failing that u can also fit BREMBO Seat Cupra R brakes too (Cupra from the same era as the mk4 golf)
i have seen the lcr brake and been tempted ;)

straight sway?!

Yeh straight swap, u'll need the discs too of course.

Maybe new brake hoses too, someone else will confirm
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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