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Hi i bought the first kit as above and when it came out and had to spend a fourtune getting it fitted, when it didnt fit.

turbo rubbed on engine and manifold and even the intake was in the way of the gear cables. so it took alot of grinding to fit turbo and had the gear cables floating loose so it could be driven. bloody joke for the cash i spent.

had a 3inch turbo back exaust made up and 3inch maf and had it mapped by REVO but because or the shit fit i couldnt get the turbo working like it should.

They then brought out the 3inch ovel intake so the gear shifter cables would fit over the top but wanted silly money for it and thats before getting hit for tax so i left it.

They then brought out the up and down pipes to move the turbo up out the road from rubbing and solved the gear cable problems and to fit a 3inch intake pipe directly onto it. but they wanted $500 before tax.

The problem is after paying for the kit and the extra money i paid for tax i dont want to pay the crazy prices they want for the extra bits.

does anyone have second hand up and down pipes or is there anyone who makes the pipes over here or worst case has the ovel intake pipe for the cables to go over the top and able to secure them again
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