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ATE Typ200 brake fluid

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I am planning on doing a complete brake fluid flush along with new discs and pads on the front at the weekend.

I've been doing a lot of research about the type of brake fluid to use. I have read that ATE Super Blue was a good one to use but caused squeaks and wear of the seals due to the blue dye in it.

I've since purchased the new type of ATE brake fluid which is now Typ200 which doesn't have the blue dye.

Does anyone have any experience with this new fluid and is it okay to use in my car/is it any good? I presume that as its DOT4 its fine to use but just want to double check with others on here before flushing it through.

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Personally without evidence I'm inclined to write this off as an urban myth on par with i ate a big Mac once and now weigh 20stone therefore MacDonalds are responsible for me being a lard arse (I'm not BTW!). Could start another one, I use OEM fluid and my clutch failed therefore OEM fluid causes clutch failure

The official technical reason given for the dye was merely to make a visible difference to aid fluid changes and i cannot see an extremely small amount of dye necessary causing anything, it's a colourant not an abrasive. It is quite common that two stroke oils used for scooters, mowers,chainsaws etc are coloured green red or blue so that you can see when it is mixed with fuel. similar tax exempt DERV is coloured and I've not heard anything attributed to that

The official reason given by ATE for the withdrawal of the Racing Blue was that it was found to be non compliant with the American SAE spec for brake fluid which calls for it to all brake fluids to be a yellow/clear colour ONLY to differentiate it from other fluids and no other reason. It was actually on the US market for several years before someone spotted this!

It is worth pointing out that vw specify the old DOT4 standard as being suitable but there is a newer DOT5.1 standard that is far better than the old one in Dry and Wet Boiling points which are often quoted as being important. for hard braking performance in a road vehicle (vapour locking in hot brakes)

although Racing blue and the current ATE typ200 are "only" DOT4 the factory spec for boiling points is well in excess of even the new DOT5.1 spec so I wouldn't have any issue using it
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That's interesting. I did read about the fluid being non compliant and I presumed it was something to do with the colour but didn't realise it had to be clear/yellow
It's because some tool probably put it in the coolant because it was blue.
It's not caused any issues in mine so far
One thing I did notice between normal dot 4 mintex ( i think ) and ate blue is when pulling it though into a syringe to top up the resivour while bleeding it there was a massive amount of bubbles on the side of the syringe which didn't disapate very easily (if at all! ) the ate blue did not do this at all.
It's because some tool probably put it in the coolant because it was blue.
remember we are talking Americans!
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remember we are talking Americans!
There are an equal amount of tools in this country
maybe so but we (and it appears other parts of the world) don't need to make rules to cover it
I used ATE Blue in mine once and straight way the clutch pedal started to squeak....

Stuck OEM Dot 4 stuff in right after the squeak went away..

Its no myth.....the blue stuff make ya clutch pedal squeak....the seals for what ever reason just did not like it.....maybe its changed now...but i just stick with OEM now.
I can only presume that now it's not blue it won't squeak but am doubting whether to use it now!
Mine doesn't squeak, brake pedal is firm, I rate it.
Only cost £11 and that did the entire system
Ok thanks. I've got two litres of it just in case I get into difficulty. The fluid, discs or pads haven't been changed in years. Not since I've owned the car anyway!
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