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asz pd130 white smoking

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hi guys new to the forum, been dealing with vag stuff for the last 10 years I manage a vag breakers but want a bit of advice on this one, my dads running a 130 bora, recently had a recon turbo fitted, its started smoking fairly heavily recently and its white and does have a diesel smell to it which would suggest over fuelling. now I've been into block 13 with vcds to see what the injectors are doing whilst running and they gave the following readings cyl 1 2.99mg/str cyl 2 -0.80 cyl 3 -2.02 cyl 4 -0.26.

now this is where my knowledge dries up would these readings suggest a faulty number one injector? any help greatly appreciated, somebody also mentioned leaking intercooler pipes could be the cause but I'm not overly convinced
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I'm sure that cylinder1 reading is at its maximum so there's definitely an issue there that needs addressing.
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