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Aston Martin DB7 Volante - Major Paint Correction Detail with Interior & Leather Care.

Job performed at a Dealership in Leics.

The car wasn't in the best of conditions; hazy and scratched paintwork, a grubby interior and a roof full of sand (life on the coast!). No way would the car fetch its full asking price in this condition, and, as the car was to sit under the spot lights in the showroom, it needed to look its best. *Cue WhiteDetails!*


3M Fastcut+ (green)
3M Ultrafine (yellow)
3M Ultrafina (blue)
3M Glass Cleaner
303 Convertible Roof Cleaner
AutoSmart G101
AutoSmart Tardis
AutoGlym Vinyl & Rubber Care
Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection
Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild
Elite Mild Grade Clay
Jeffs Werkstat Prime
LTT Auto Ultra Foam
Meguiars Hyper Wash
Meguiars Last Touch
Meguiars All Season Dressing
Zaino Z8 Grand Finale

Vehicle inspection:

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image

Roof scrubbed with 303's cleaner:

Posted Image

A bit of time spent with G101 and a soft bristled brush cleaning panel gaps, badges, petrol filler housing etc.

Usual two bucket wash carried out and then rinsed.

Clayed with Elite's Mild grade clay bar. Badly contaminated!

Posted Image

There were a few areas where I had to reach for a medium grade clay bar; the car was covered in specks of paint (proved very difficult to remove! (either from its previous life, or, from the bodyshop where the front bumper was recently sprayed))

Once rinsed and dry, the car was parked up behind the scenes and prepped for polishing.

Posted Image

Paint inspection...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Overspray on the N/S front wing:

Posted Image

on the lower edge of the N/S A-Pillar:

on the bonnet:

and on the O/S corner of the rear bumper:


More defects:

Here's the freshly painted front bumper. Buffertrails:

My spec was to perform a major paint correction detail, add some engine-bay work, leather care and a full interior overhaul. Time allocated? Two days.

After testing, my go to polish and pad combination for the resprayed bonnet was the heavy cut yellow hexlogic pad, 3M Fast Cut+ and a blob of 3M Ultrafina to aid my work time.

Bonnet before:

and after my first pass with the above approach:

Too many marks remain; a second pass required.

It took three heavy hits of compounding to achieve the desired results. After refinement, we were left with:

Continuing to work down the O/S with a variety of pads and polishes dependant on the paint quality and condition.

N/S front wing before/after:

Oops. Someone missed a bit at the bodyshop! DA sanding marks:

Area had to be re-hit and refined to remove completely.

Although the initial compounding passes were making a world of difference, lots of panels had to be hit again and again as they were riddled with deep scratches.

Before (after first pass)

After (four hits later (on the N/S rear wing))

To complete - front and rear bumper, lower N/S door and the interior/engine-bay work.

Front bumper before/after:

After rinsing the car down to remove polishing dust etc, the sun made a brief appearance:

Back inside, it was blown dry with the black baron vehicle dryer. Wiped with IPA to remove polishing oils. Sealed with Blackfire's All Finish Paint Protection. Exhausts polished with Autosol and 00 wire-wool and engine bay dressed where appropriate.


Leather deep cleaned with LTT's Auto Ultra Foam. (including centre console, doorcards etc). Plastics, pedals and mats cleaned with G101. Glass throughout with 3M Glass Cleaner.

Steering wheel caked up. Before/After

Trim polished with Jeffs Prime:

Rinse water collected from the leather seats, carpets and trim.


And after dodging the rain, in the showroom ready for sale:

Thanks to all those involved.


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Very impressive work - although it disguises the fact that the previous owner took little or no pride in his car. Along comes a prospective owner and thinks ' wow this car must have been loved' - wrong!!
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