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Hi Guys,

I'm re-writing our online call logging system at work at the moment, and one of the things which someone mentioned to me was a search facility for the item's tag number (always a number like 017105).

At the moment, the data is displayed in a list, resulting in about 2000 different items from which you have to find the affected item.

Now, you can start typing the number and it will go to that number in the list, but what I'd like to try and do is have it a bit like the 'Google search suggestions' where as you start typing in the box, it gives you a list of the items starting like that.

For example, I want to be able to start typing 017 into the box, and it would show me a list with 017100, 017101, 017102, 017103 etc for however many I choose (say 10 numbers).

Does anyone know if it's possible? If so, can anyone help with the code? I can't find it on google anywhere [:(]


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