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Tim Sr
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Okay people. It appears over the last few months more ARZ powered 1.8Ts have appeared on the forum.

Whilst i appreciate we own what is commonly known as the runt of the litter given it has a collection of the weaker/lower-spec parts, i thought it would be a nice idea to get a little thread going to see who is running what on their ARZ lump.

Gimmie yer specs, mods, experience with your engine!

139,000miles on the clock, no rebuild to date
Forge 007p with yellow spring
K03 turbo with original actuator, crazy weak
Custom Race-Spec map at an alleged 200bhp, however rough VagCom logging puts it closer to 175-185bhp
Original pipework and SMIC
N249/SAI/CarbonCanister delete
CAI with HKS-Style Mushroom Filter

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Why is it the runt? same bottom end as an AGU but with drive by wire, so apart from the big port head, has the good bits where the main block is concerned, bigger wrist pins etc

pretty good if you ask me, i had one on a K04 with 260 brake and 160K on the clock, cant argue with that.
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