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Anyone else got love for one of these..

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Can't forget it's role in you know what..



I don't know if it's just me.. but since I can remember, I've always wanted one, and at some point in my life, I like to think I will.

Couldn't say what it is about them I like.. and we've all seen the Top Gear where all its flaw's are pointed out but cruising down a straight road with the windows down and the sun blazing listening to the raw meaty power surrounding you.. Corrr.. [In-love]
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yeah im pretty much living my life to own one lol
used to be a general lee replica near me when i was a boy

still want one today
love em , its on my top 5 list of cars i have to own before i die.

along with a vw splitty camper,69 mustang fastback (eleanor from gone in 60 seconds) and a few others hehe

it has to be the RT tho
Any pre 70s muscle gets my juices flowing,but more so the tunnel back Charger than any others.Any proper V8 gives me goosebumps but although the deep rumble of a big block is a sure sign of massive horsepower figures and biblically high torque outputs,I still prefer the much crisper throttle response of a well tuned small block[8].

Love these cars! Always have, always will and would love to have one parked on my drive. Lumpy burble when idling which turns into an howling roar when pulling swiftly away-fantastic[drool][In-love]
My dad went out and bought himself a 68 Mustang last year.

The amount of times ive tried to persuade him to let me drive it must be over a million by now.

All i can hope is that he passes it down to me for my 21st[au]

i wish[cry]
ooo hello! I saw this one last year in Watford!

1968 Dodge Charger R/T

Posted Image

So ugly... yet so beautiful! And the V8 sounded like thunder in the petrol station!
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If that has a red strip around the rear, I've seen that in Guildford! Creamed when I saw it. Got some snaps too, I'll put them up later.
[<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)] yes [<:eek:)]
Havent got any on this comp, will try and hunt some down tomorrow

also, a good mate of mine from uni, his step dad runs this place

the backroom with the classics in is amazing[:O][In-love][heat]
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