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Anyone bought the Vag K+can reader from ebay?

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Hello people, I got offered The vag K+can reader for £15 that's including the mini disc and the cable due to a mate pal who says he doesn't have a cd rom to run the software. just want to know has anyone used this before and is it something like a vagcom??? which read the faults of the car??

also what are the risk? don't want to buy something that going to mess up my ecu or something. just want to buy something that tell me errors
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These are Chinese rip-offs of the real product and have been reported to brick ecus. How do I know that? People who have bricked their ecus contact Ross-Tech asking us if we know a way to get them back up and running. The answer by the way is - no, we know no way to un-brick a bricked ecu. There are people out there in the world who claim they can fix them.

Is VAG K+CAN like VCDS/VAG-COM? No. It is a tool intended to modify the contents of the EEPROM in the control module. It is not a comprehensive diagnostic tool for your car. Most often, people buy K+CAN to recover the SKC number needed to work on Immoblizer/keys.

I'm not saying that the eBay special you are looking at is bad news. I am saying that is a pirated copy. I am saying that the buyer must beware of what he is using and what he is doing with the tool.
thanks bruce even tho it's 15quid, it's better for me to not buy it then??
We all are signed upto this forum on the condition that we are not allowed to discuss illegal software.

People do discuss the cheap ebay leads which use VCDS Lite since this is not illegal and Rosstech can supply the genuine fully functional software for an extra fee. Rosstech do also supply leads which come with guarentees and backup support when needed.

On the other hand, VAG k+Can commander does not offer any free software so you either pay the original software company (around £1K) or try and get support for the cracked software.

Your are your own person who can decide if you want to buy and use cheap cables and software from unknow sources,

For functionality, K+commander is very useful for reeding the eeproms in the cluster, airbags and ecu. ideal for SKC retrieval, immobiliser bypass etc.
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