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anyone around north Devon area with software etc?

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looking for someone that can tell me what the problem is with my ABS?

Im based in Barnstaple

anyone in the area, let me know where and when your available, and how much.

think its a sensor according to the info on the net, but no idea what one.



I have messaged a member Harry on here that was on the list, but it doesnt look like its been updated for some time, so thought I would ask on the forum in case anyone new hasnt been added to the list
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Can you tell us whats wrong with your ABS?? Exact details about the problem and if any warning lights are on.
started with very slow speed activation of the ABS, ie 10mph braking, then ABS and ASR lights came up on the dash, as well as ABS fault warning in the centre display of the speedo etc

both lights are now permanantly on, ABS is turned off, but car brakes properly now at least, thing is that I have MOT in a couple of months, so need to sort it properly
Sounds like a speed sensor fault. A scan will deffo confirm what the issue is but you'll end up having to change the sensors anyway. Find the speed sensors on the front wheels, pull em out carefully and clean them up, when you put them back in push them all the way in until they stop and then pull them back ever so slightly. I'd help you out if you were a bit closer.

Have you changed the CV's recently or a drive shaft for aftermarket parts?
ok thanks will look at replacing them, found them cheap on ebay.

yes recently there was a new hub and wheel bearing fitted, Im now wondering if the ring could have been hitting the sensor and maybe damaged it slightly?

that will be my first port of call, now looking at borrowing the money to buy a code reader from ebay and try to sort the fault that way, perhaps save money in the long run
When the sensors have been replaced the lights will go out anyway, the code will be logged. simply getting a code reader won't solve this issue. You may not need to get band new sensors, simply cleaning them and making sure they are seated properly may solve the issue. do that first before you spend any money.

The reason I asked about having aftermarket products fitted, i.e CV's etc is because doing that can actually cause issues. I found this out the hard way. I replaced both CV's on my passat a while ago and almost straight away I started having issues with my ESP/ASR. whilest normally driving on straight, dry roads for no reason my ESP would come on and go off, randomlly. Found out a while back the the speed sensors are so sensitive that not using correct OEM products made the speed sensors believe the car was losing traction due to the change in wieght form the OEM CV to the aftermarket CV.

I've heard this issue happening to people that have changed drive shafts and CV's I've not heard of an issue when an aftermarket hub has been used, but there's always a first time. Clean or change the sensors and if you're still having this issue you may well find you may need a genuine VW hub.
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thanks for the advice, the hub that was fitted was genuine VW, so Im not too worried about that

however, having seen under there the small gap, Im wondering if the ring of the old hub had contacted the sensor, so I have ordered a new one

the wheel bearing made a slight rumble, so I drove it home the 2 miles, after all they rumble for ages in my experience, however, while exiting the roundabout half a mile from my house it made a bit more of a clonk, got home jacked the car up, grabbed the wheel top and bottom, preparing to give it a good tug, and the top of the alloy wheel had near on 1" total travel!!!

the garage that took it apart said the bearing was rusted up in a major way, internal parts of the bearing were missing, and the hub had been turning in the bearing instead of vice versa, hence the new hub being fitted.

with the amount of movement that it had, Im half expecting to see that the sensor has had the end shaved off LOL

couldnt afford a genuine sensor £62, so hoping that an aftermarket one will work ok, hopefully have it by the end of the week, and fit it on my lunchbreak.

thanks for the useful information and advice.
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Keep us informed on the sensor issue. Hope it works out.
well the VW gods were most certainly smiling down on me

yesterday I managed to get the car partially under cover enough to remain only semi soaked LOL

wheel off, annoyingly find that the disc is loose, its oinly that lil screw, but was there before the garage took my car, £280 bill, you would think that the least they could do was fit another one after they lost it :(

anyway speed sensor bolt undone, bit of wiggling, bit of levering with flat blade screwdriver, and out it popped, the end did indeed look damaged so I got rather excited at this point, fitted the new one, put car back together, started the engine, no lights, good start, but it often did this, took it for a drive and its fixed :)

in the end I found the sensor for less than £10 delivered :), place online volksbits, excellent service, next day delivery in the post

thanks for all the advice and help, just feel bad that I cant offer much back to the forum....yet!

unless any of you need help with a custom motorbike, or trike??
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