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any know how much a(1J0711761B) CALLED BOWDEN CABLE CATCH.

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any know how much a(1J0711761B) CALLED BOWDEN CABLE CATCH. its the cable end from the gear linkage

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Phone ANY VW dealership for a quote.

If will have Seat, Audi and Skoda which can quote on the part number! So there is a choice of 4 dealers and several thooooousand branches.
i hope i can get 1 asap 2moro as im getting my golf re-mapped in the evening ha ha

cheers lads
hi mate cheers for reply do you know if vw keep them in stock? cheers
'fraid i cant answer that one for you. If its a small part and your dealers one of the bigger ones around theres a chance they do though
So for the benefit of others for the future....

Is it kept in stock, or special order?

And how much was it?
it was £7.60 all in, and just 1 company out of all vw, seat, skoda, audis around newcastle had it and that was vw benfield road newcastle,

really easy to fit and re aline your gears

thanks all
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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