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Another colour code sticker question

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Hi guys,

I've given this a search, but nothing of use to me.

I'm trying to find out my colour code, I've looked in the boot under the carpet and can only find these to stickers. But cannot find where the code is printed! Any ideas?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thanks guys

Sorry if this has been covered, if it has I obviously haven't looked hard enough!
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Should be stamped where the sticker has worn out. Got a pic of your car maybe someone can help.


Pics are at the top in that link.

I think the colour could be reflex siver or satin silver IIRC
When i cudnt find my colour code i rang local vw dealer gave them the reg and the give me the colour code, hope that helps
Cheers for the responses,

Thanks Jake, found that code in the service book [:)]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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