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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would share with you details of the recent refurbishment of the wheels on our Anniversary. Like most people with this car, I've been searching these forums and the net for a number years, trying to find a finish that matches the OEM wheel.

I posted on here in Sept/Oct '10, and was very interested in the Aerocoat finish. Having seen the video on YouTube, my mind was made up, Aerocoat was the way to go.

However I was not looking forward to the hassle of taking the wheels off the car, purchasing some cheepo wheels and tyres, and paying who-knows-what for shipping costs.

I was recommended a local company (Prospray) by a Professional Detailer who I have used. They refurbish wheels and do excellent spray work.

Andy at Prospray said he could refurbish all four wheels, in a powder coat finish very similar to the OEM finish. I was skeptical at first as there were no sample wheels to look at or pictures. We took a gamble, thinking anything will be better than what we have now. Andy was confident that it would be a close match to the original finish, and by no means "black chrome" or a "standard silver" finish.

So here are some before and after pictures...



Pictures here aren't great as they were taken in my garage, poor lighting and an iPhone4 - don't make good pics.

The following pictures where taken on the 2nd Jan 2011. What with time contraints and bad weather during November and December, this was the first chance I got to take some pictures outside after washing the car. It was a dull, cold day, so the pictures don't do the wheels justice.

In fact in these pictures the wheels do look quite dull, but believe me, in sunshine or in the headlights of a car, they really do sparkle and shine, and maintains the cars OEM look.

(iPhone image) This shot shows how reflective the finish actually is.

More pics can be found here

I'm really pleased with the results. On a sunny day, a non-enthusiast would not tell the difference. Yes, the finish is not exactly the same, but I don't think there ever will be a way to get the original OEM finish back. (BBS themselves were of no help to me whatsoever with regards to refurbishment).

The cost?

Well, I paid £380(+VAT) plus £40(+VAT) for the centre caps, but that was in October 2010.

If you require any more information contact:

Andrew Lennie at Prospray.

I have no affiliation or business interest in Prospray. I have posted the above to hopefully help other Anniversary owners (especially in the North West) get their wheels refurbished.



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Thanks, we are still really pleased with it.

Wife hit a pot hole a couple of weeks back. Caused a 1-2 inch spilt in the passenger side front tyre and took a 2-3mm chip out of the rim. Very lucky really, wheel not buckled.

Anyway, here are some pics of the car taken at the same time as those above.

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