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Quote: posted by Stevoraith on 12/12/2004 17:41:59

Quote: posted by sammyboy on 11/12/2004 17:40:59

some funny comments here as "Volkswagen" translates as "Volks"= 'Peoples' and "Wagen"=car I'd have thought everyone knew that VW is a German firm revived by the English post WW2.

Dunno what you mean by this mate. Of course everyone on here knows VW is a German firm, but that means nothing relating to where the cars are built. A lot of Nissans and Hondas are built in the UK- they sure as heck aren't British firms!

Essex, nah, it doesn't mean it's an 'import' if it's made abroad (well not in the sense that we usually mean when we are talking about cars being imports). An import just means that it was intended for another market (i.e. another country) which can sometimes mean they have a different spec. As Sem said, all Golfs are made abroad.

Dunno what you mean by that either mate, probalby not worth either of us trying to understand either.[:D]
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