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Amber Indicator Bulbs for Clear Indicator Lenses- First hand Info.

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Hi all.

*Not sure if this has been covered but thought it might be useful info for everyone.

Ive just fitted some new taillights to my car. These have a clear indicator lens instead of the amber indicator lens on the originals.

This necessitates installing amber tinted bulbs- otherwise you wont be road legal.

In my hunt for amber bulbs I came across a major set back- which may happen/or may have happened to some of you.

MK4 Golf taillight clusters require you to use bulbs that have a 180 degree separation between left and right pins.

Correct spacing between two terminals (180 degrees)

Many car parts stockists i.e Halfords, ECP,GSF etc seem to be only selling Offset pin configurations of the bulbs in amber.

Halfords in Basingstoke only do offset amber indicator bulbs..

Offset pin configurations will not work with a standard light assembly as the pins don't match or fit for that matter.

To my horror the Halfords bulbs I bought.. were wrong. Offset do not work.

Correct Amber Bulb - These are what you want. Terminals like the first picture.

This comes from my personal experience today and the 2 hours I spent from shop to shop hunting down the correct bulbs.

*If this isn't always the case please feel free to comment. Thought id just save you folk a lot of time and hassle. I finally found the correct ones at 'Andrew Page' formally Camberley Auto Factors.

Hope this helps some of you! :)

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Had this when I fitted my American spec lights to my Bora ,have got Red Bulbs, and Orange off ebay got spares now sold car. Peter
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It really is no fun. I had the option to re-install the old lights back on but I refused to accept defeat earlier :p Its defo one to watch out for- especially if you need to use the car the following day and have missing bulbs or have sold the original lamps. I just hope it helps someone out- was no fun/wasted a morning! Was meant to be a 10 min job to get the new lights in :rolleyes:
**Ive just been informed that offset bulbs can be fitted but as you can guess theyre a right ol' bug her to fit. My hands are clumsy at best of times so would do so at own risk.

They can be fitted though- just harder than 180 degree (what you call them?) ones! :p

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