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Hi lovelies
I’m Mark and live in Cornwall , been a mechanic all my working life till busting my spine in 1992 and switching profession to coachtrimmer for an easier working life .
lost my licence for 8 years due to spine and brain damage amd got it back last month wahoo !
wow things have changed in my absence!!!
just bought my first car in 8 years … a 2006 VW Golf Plus , the DSG automatic 1.9TDi and heck there are more buttons than my last car … a 1994 VW T4 long wheelbase van I converted for surfing and recovering my bikes when I stuck them in Cornish hedges ( dry stone walls with greenery hiding them lol 😂)
learning curve all over for me , but needed a higher seating position and only an automatic licence so bought the best example I could for the money , and time to get stuck in and fix her faults and flaws , dont they always 😉😁
engines … transmissions … bodywork no problem , but this integrated electronics set up is a pain in the head for sure !
would love some guidance as and when needed BUT quite happy if I can , to share 30 years mechanical experience particularly engine building if that’s any help .
best wishes to you all
Mark x
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