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All sorted - YAY!

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Since ive had the car my airbag light has been on, i was told that its because the previous owner had recaros so therefore the airbag cable has been split then reconneted but the light remains on. Does anyone have the software locally to scan my car for me to check its all working okay as obvisouly i dont want to be driving around with airbags that dont work. i like in the medway of kent in the south east.

thanks :)
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To clarify, if the airbag light is lit, your airbags are disabled. They will not operate in that condition. You are right to try to get someone to scan the car and deal with the problem behind the light.

Please keep in mind that airbags can cause serious injury should they deploy while you are working on resolving the issues. Be careful and do consult the factory repair manuals before effecting repairs. There is no risk in scanning for faults. Once you have the scan and begin the repair process, that is when there is increased risk.
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