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All door won't remote unlock

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Ok had a flat car battery this morning jump started was fine now the all the doors won't remote unlock drivers door is fine, the will using the button on drivers door just not on the remote!?!

Anyone know how to cure this ? Just annoying to have to open drives door press a button to open all locks
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i think its related to your battery going flat - my car had a new battery and then had this issue, took it back to the garage and they sorted. Only thing is I cant remember what they said - sorry :(
Yeah fixed it was quite a simple job. You have to disconnect the battery (just take earth lead off) for about 5 mins reconnect and all works as should. Just got to find out why the battery went flat now. Mind you was cleaning the inside of the car for about an hour and had all the doors open so may have been that. Will see if it's flat tomorrow morning.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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