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alarm beep on locking doors.

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hi,i have an unregistered version of vcds lite and tried to enable the alarm beep on locking doors.

it wouldnt save my settings and said you can only do this on a registered version.i know ive probably just answered my own question,but is this correct.didnt want to spend $99 if it wasnt going to work.

thanks for any help.
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Hi,this is correct,once you have registered for $99 you can change alarm beep,s elective unlocking,auto lock,indicator on lock and alarm tones.
Or I'll do it for £5?!

let me know when i can pop round.
am free all day tomorrow and wednesday. let me know...

Any chance of doing the same to mine 1.8T?

Can pop down if youre not too far away, wouldnt mind a road trip either.

cheers pal
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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