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Aircon troubleshooting thread?

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Currently got 2 gt tdi's and the zircon is not working on one of them.
Before I sell the one that has it working, I would like to possibly swap and test parts to find the culprit.

Is there any basic tests I can do, fuses on top of battery and the 10A fuse ok in fuse holder, has been gassed, I put the aircon on, the light comes on, but no drop in revs (ie no load on battery happens)

Is there any relays/sensors etc I can swap out before moving to the more expensive items? I hear it's possible one of the main wires could have become corroded or broke, what is the location of these wires, sensors or relays?

Thanks very much for helping me out,

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i have a wierd aircon issue too.

the AC button recently always seems to be lit? listening to the car the fan kicks in the turns of intermitently? i dont have climatronic so i dont know if the fan poll synopsis applys to me.

anyway, bump!
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