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Aftermarket stereo and my cry for help!!!!

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I am new to my mk5, not new to VAG or ICE.

I have an Alpine
stereo that in truth I can not live without and when I first removed the
OEM monster I saw connections that I've never seen before. I bought a
double din faceplate adaptor, the rather larger cable adaptor, an aerial
booster with the strange round plug on the end and a iso to din
adapter. My golf does not have a visable external aerial.

from the ignition live problem which I should be able to work out (any
help would be grand though) I have a major problem with radio reception.
There were two strange cables plugged into round connectors so I'm
guessing one of these is the aerial, but it doesn't matter whether I
plug the aerial cable from the stereo into either of these it doesn't
inprove the signal. I have the blue cable from the aerial booster
plugged into the power aerial socket on the stereo. Either I'm doing
something wrong or the booster is faulty or something else.

Please help

to add, I would upgrade to an RNS510 and save all this hassle but with
the 510's amp pushing out a poor 4x20 watts thats less than half my
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put some pics up of the wires and i should be ableto help, ive had my stereo out 10 times in the last fews weeks so now know the wires off by heart pretty much.

also, you dont have to buy a rns510 there are plenty of units that look oem or are double din that will have better amp outputs
I really would like to keep my Alpine as its an ida-X100 and sounds fantastic.

see images below, these are the two cables, I believe one is the aerial, but as I say I have tried both and neither seem to make any difference. I can only think that It must be a faulty booster cable.

This is what the aerial booster looks like

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yeah your right one of those two is the aerial.

i would have to plug the stereo in then pull the plug out to see which ones which.

so youve plugged the wire in and your getting no radio signal right?
I get some signal with just the booster cable plugged into the stereo via the aerial socket but it makes no difference which of the OEM aerial plugs I use(as photo shows) or if I plug the blue wire into the power antenna socket, which makes me think the booster doesn't work, but surely I should get a little extra signal just using the cars aerial, even without the booster.
how was your signal before you removed the standard stereo
Signal was perfect with the OEM stereo, so I don't think it's the aerial thats the issue.

Thanks for the help and quick replies so far Chuff.
At a guess, I'd say you probably need an aerial booster like this one rather than the type you've pictured above.

ouch, another £20. I will order one and give it a try. Thanks
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