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Aftermarket dv unknown spring, low boost when mapped

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Hi I've searched loads of topics but can't seem to find the answer, took my car to be remapped its an agu k03, the guy told me it already has been mapped, it's definitely not running 185/190 bhp
Car has a turbo back exhaust and s2000 filter,
It has very little torque, not much mid range but pulls well at high revs,
It has an unknown aftermarket metal diverter valve/dv on it, which I took off today, when I push the piston up inside and hold the top bit, it drops prob 5mm but has suction after that, also has a spring inside like forge do, it's just a metal colour though, so no idea if its the right spring, no fault codes are up or anything,
do I just get a yellow spring for it, or is it broken because the piston drops inside a little bit? Checked all round for leaks looks to be fine, going to get a boost gauge this week but not sure if I need to be getting another dv, really is pretty slow and flat and lacking midrange which is pretty disappointing, any ideas please?
Thank you
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