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Advice on wheels!

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I have from my previous car as set of 18" et42 8J wheels! ive done the screw mod on the wheel arch but they still rub slightly...i run zz3 avon tyres 225/40/18 (fronts are the problem) has any one tryed running 215 tyres to cure this problem? My car is the mk5 just to let everyone know! any advice would be appreciated, if not ill have to get a new set of wheels!

cheers, Tom
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I knew id miss something! yeah only 25 mm on springs, so its jus like having my fat mates in the car :p.
im running 225/40/18s on my car with no lowering and no problems at all.

they should be fine?!
do you know your offset? (et)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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