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advice on cleaning alloys after winter?

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hi iv got a set of a8 wheels on my golf (rs8 as most call them)
they are polished alloys and with it behind the first year iv used them i didnt think they would take this much abuse from the winter.
i got out of the car yesterday and noticed what looks like little silver/white circles alover.
i take it this is from the grit used on the roads. what would be the best thing to use on my wheels to get rid of this without damaging the rims.
im thinking about taking the whole wheel off to give them a proper clean!

thanks alot
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I think the white circles ou are talking about, are a common problem on RS8 wheels. take them off when the weather gets better and give them a really good clean and then seal them with something like poorboy's ex-p sealant or any other sealant you may have. Also if you don't want to damage the polished bit, i think MUC-OFF wheel cleaner is polished wheel friendly as i use it( but don't have polished wheels) and i think it says good on chrome wheels etc... However on detailing world they always say to use some all purpose cleaner like stardrops or daisy which is from tesco and to dilute like 1:4 etc and spray it on your wheels, let it dwell and then clean them. Hope this helps.

is that the 'leading edge' when on the car??

there seems to be a pattern forming, mainly on oneside of the blade.

been following any gritting trucks???
Hi mate, is where the salt has got under the laquar and lifted it so water can get in too. Not uncommon during the winter months, still very frustrating. Only option is to get them refurb in the spring I feel.

Dont see cleaning fixing that! looks like its all chipped up and laquer peeling! Refurb seems to be in order!
Yeah sorry mate, deffo looks like a refurb[N]
Same happened to mine, its the lacqure coming away from the polished finish, you can take the lacqure off with some 3m polish but it will mean some serious hard work keeping them fully waxed to protect them. they will never look like they were new again hence a got rid of the set i had for something that wouldnt get damaged so easily
thats a refurb mate, u can try taking them off, and see if machine polishing would help, worth a shot, if not it will refurb time, do it spring when the salts gone.

Also ask for special treatment that will prevent from happening again this winter.
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