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Hi all my car is a 1.8t gti golf 01 model.

I gave a weird noise coming from one of the wheels. To my previous knowledge I thought it muct be a wheel bearing. I was advised that it's actuallly both wheel bearings that have gone STRANGE???

A mechanic that I no tested the car out by driving it and suggested this is not the case and it could be the crank bearing on the gearbox. The problem is he said the problem needs to get worse before he can pinpoint the fault.

Any ideas or has any1 had a similar problem??

He put the car on ramp also and said he's not 100% but thinks the wheel bearings are fine. My friend owned the car before me and is adamant that there was no noise until he changed the wheels. It's defo not tyre noise !!

Please help or advise cheers alex
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