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A Wheel question? now with damaged vwheel pics

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I've just taken a junk out of my dished wheels. Will it be possible to get them refurbed or this a new wheel that I'm going to need?

A pic of the wheel before the damage. There dotz muggello wheels with polished lips.

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what that small chip on the front wheel??

That is so small that i wouldnt even worry about it tbh. but yes you could get that refurbed but id just live with it and eventually if you do get a few more kerb marks which is inevitable really then you could get them refurbed. but its up to you really
Sorry mate this is before the damage. I've taken a 5mm deep chuck out of it tonight
I think we need a pic AFTER the damage mate![Y]
looks repairable to me, and not an expensive one either
That's no biggie. Throw a spare on and refurb them yourself if you want them looking undamaged again.

Will just need to sand through the grades. Start from around 240, won't need anything too harsh on there. Just make sure you follow the contour of the wheel. Then get them polished back up.
cheers lads. How do you refill the gash?
your front discs look corroded mate, getting ready for a new set there mate. hope you sort the wheel out, looks nothing major.
many wheel refurb places can do the full lip for around £15-£20, they dont need to touch the main part of the wheel
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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