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Took the car to my mate Rod to give the car a wee bit of TLC

I know messing boot! lol weekend dad has to be prepared.

Copper wire boot release

sanded down and nice and smooth

so then he gets carried away and being a perfectionist starts taking all the dinks out of my doors then moves round to the front!

Aye mate, I will sort they stone chips for ye!

So cause one of the lights got broke with a certain brother erm bought some US spec ones

so while he carries on I get a phone mate a broke one of your lights sorry! so off I went and got a new set

a wee bit of compound, starting to get shiney [:)]

very technical stuff this fitting of the new R32 spoiler [H]

so nearly there..just got the new wheels to go on (TT rs 18") fit and the new suspension once I decide what to go for, the new heated leather seats to go in and fit the loom, then on to the interior.......

I ate a big red candle !!
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Looking good mate.
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