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A question about brakes.

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On the front nearside wheels I've got a squeeking kind of bearing gone noise. The bearings on the front of the car were changed in the summer so I'm hopeing it's not that. I've had a look and noticed that on the disc there's like a 2mm slight groove in it like something is on the face of the brake pad. The pads was changed in the summer as well so there's loads left on them. I'm wondering if something like a stone or something as got stuck on the face of the pad. Am I right in thinking that to inspect the face of the pad
I remove the wheel
Flick the covers off the Allen bolts.
Undo the two Allen bolts
Lift the caliper off the disc.
Or do I have to take the pads out before I take the caliper off.
I'm pretty confident with a spanner but I've never touched the brakes before.
If someone in the know could just point me in the right direction or shed some light I'd be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.
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There's 2 ways to do it but the easiest one is to just undo the bolts that hold the carrier to the hub. It's only 2 bolts and the whole lot will come off
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