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Very good, I like it.

I've sort of met you before, my brother is a member of Astra-sport and I went along with him to a show you had a stand on (Sittingbourne I think it was)I remember seeing your Golf there.

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Carlos I have posted these before but here ou go:

It used to look like this:

Posted Image

Posted Image

This is how it now looks....

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


spec is:

Uprated springs and Shocks dropped 40mm

18'' Audi RS4 alloys

debadged grill with insert flushed into bonnet

In Pro clear rear lights

Handles and bump strips colour coded all round

Front and rear valances colour coded

Debadged rear except VW logo

Euro Car parts spoiler

Focal speakers

Gamma head unit

AmD sticker

Mods waiting to go on:

Stealth boot install with a 12'' sub

Smaller rear badge

Fabia rear wiper

Mods to do:

Change front lights to new hella mk5 style

Fit adjastables

hatch blend

In November I brought this as well for a run around while my astra is being done:

Posted Image

1.6 Driver


Full Gti kit (small bumpers)


tinted indicators all round

Gti rear lights

16 x 6.5J fronts 16 x 7J rears, Hand Polished, Porsche design 90 wheels

Adjustable suspension (dropped 70mm)


Mods to do (when I can be bothered to go to the scrappy :

Chrome handles

Chrome inserts in bumpers

exhaust back box

CL model front grill with chrome insert

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A fair bit its been off the road for 2 years now [:(] I have had a V6 engine converstion, 20's, new interior, full custom (my design) bodykit. Its a full on show car but with the engine to match the looks. [:)] It should be finished for June this year fingers crossed.
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