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Quote: posted by GeordieLife on 03/03/2005 21:46:23

I've sat back and read for all too long...

MY aerial cost ?10...compared to the other stuff in/on my car it's nowt...but if i caught anyone trying to steal it, i'd box their lugs...simple as that! It's MINE...i worked for that ?10 (some on here may argue about that)...what right does anyone have to take it?

On another note, the way everyone jumped down your throat was slightly OTT...

Just my 2p

erm,isn't it a criminal offence to box someones lugs?

imagine if b&q took this attitude!![B)][B)][B)][B)]

not having a pop at you geordylife as i would be inclined to do the same,depending on circumstances.but does this mean it's ok?

giving somone a good hiding is a much worse offence than stealing a nut from b&q but it doesn't really provoke the same response!

i think baz was initially letting off a bit of steam having felt robbed by the stealer and also sympathizing with others who feel that way including myself on 2 out of 2 times.

doesn't the word "profit" mean an acceptable amount to steal?

think i will go to the stealers and make a profit[:D][;)]
101 - 102 of 102 Posts
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