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9w7 Bluetooth Module Retrofit question

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I've only found one post regarding getting the 9w7 Bluetooth fitted on a Mk6 Golf. I have a highline dispay and RNS510 which were factory fitted along with the Multi function wheel. Can anyone out there confirm that I wouldn't need anything else completing to get this working fully with an iPhone including bluetooth streaming of audio (in stereo)???

Example kit I'm looking to purchase
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Looking into this now in more detail.... The model No for the 9w7 is 5K0 035 730 or 5K0035730 then follows a revision letter A, B, C, D, E or F

Can anyone confirm which model I would need to be compatible with Bluetooth streaming and also work with Apple phones??

Thank you :Y:
Hi. I have experience of installing these previously in my last job. We always had on board a full vcds lead to software code the vehicle to accept it if no Bluetooth is present at purchase but apart from that a pretty simple case of plug and play. I used to always deal with a company called advanced incar for these with regards to suitability of fitment of particular version kits to what vehicle with what options per requirements.

I do know if you have a bt kit pre installed, the new one will plug and play on the same loom except for if the kit is a2dp Bluetooth streaming capable it will not work without swapping in the packaged loom.

Best of luck

I fitted the same to my 2010 GTD on Sunday.
Mine had existing RNS 510 and MFSW.

It worked straight away, but had to update the Gateway installation list, to get the phone page on the dash display.
And yes, the BT audio streaming option works from the Media menu on the RNS510

Took about 2 hours to fit.

Richie K
Great thank you Richie K I think I'm gonna 'grow a pair' and fit this myself.

Can I ask which model No it was that you fitted? I've been contemplating the
7P6035730M from here,id884.html which I've been told is one of the the latest versions but I'm wary as my Golf is an early edition Mk6 from August 2009 so could be all early software on it?!

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I think mine was a "D" rev.

I bought a this whole kit

It was already wired for my voice control too. But gives the option to be with or without SDS.

Kit was great. Everything was there, mic lead was a little long, but i just tied it up behind the Head Unit.

You'd just need to get the little foam box. Here's one:
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