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Iv have got a tdi 90bhp Golf (not variable vain turbo) & i want a bigger turbo but not sure which will fit or work.. eg PD130 turbos ect.

anyone help?

Iv currently got the T4 transporter injectors in and that has made a slight difference in torque, i dont want to remap yet either.


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hi mate quoted by danny_sims

the agr was the origional entry level tdi in 1998. the 110 was the bigger brother.

the agr has a wastegate turbo. the only mk4 tdi that has a wastegate turbo. this uses a completly different vacuum set up. this means that you cannot just swap and change turbos. if you wanted to change to a vnt turbo you would need to use the complete vacuum set up. (i tried this and got it to work but it would still not work correctly even with the 110 ecu as the wiring loom is different and you have to use the 90bhp maf sensor which causes you to have a late boost. (3k-5k but there was a big lump of power))

the alh is the better of the 90bhp tdis as you can swap to a pd turbo without any problem. (not guarenteed as i had an agr- that is what i read)

the best way to improve the power on the agr is to do the following.

panel filter (is a must) £30+

110bhp injector nozzles .205 (not .206) I wouldnt pay more than £60

you could always get the .216 nozzles from a bloke of ebay for around £80 delivered. these do have a little more power from them but they can smoke.

also you only need to change the nozzles. (the bodies are the exact same)

a decat is a good option on the agr but you cannot just buy a standard decat pipe as an agr turbo has four bolts holding it to the turbo where as the rest have 3. you will need to get someone with a welder to cut the cat out and weld a pipe on it (its not straight it needs to bend slightly)

do not bother with a front mount intercooler (not worth it)

egr delete is worth it just to keep the inlet clean. i used a pd130/50 inlet manifold but you would require the pd150 egr delete and a silicone pipe from ebay to make it fit the standard intercooler pipe. (does not give you any more power just makes flow easier and stops build up of shoot)

a full service (good idea as diesels are not always looked after as they are a work horse)

if you went for all of the above including the 216 nozzles then with a full custom remap at a price of £300 plus and no car for a couple fo days you would be looking at around 128bhp at the most. i cannot remember the torque figures.

but if i was in the same situation i would whack some 110 nozzles in and a panel filter and get a standard map on it.

the agr turbo will not produce any more power than 120-130 due to the way it is designed. (not very well)

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Dude...!!! if you want more HP, you WILL need a remap...

By far the best turbo out there is the vnt 17/22 in terms of value and ease of installation... it is plug and play and you do not need any special pipes or manifold.

you can get it here or maybe some places in the UK source it.. you can get up to 218 HP on fuel only and close to 280 on NOS.

No point getting larger injectors and turbo and not get a remap..

Look in my sig and see my dyno.. I also have the 90 HP ALH but added the 17/22, injectors and remap + some other goodies..

If you do not get a remap, you will be stuck at 17 psi which will do jack $hit for your HP

Good luck
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