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Took the wagon out for a 350 mile run the other day, down the M6 / M1 / M25 and back. It's a Mk4 150 PD, but I've blocked off the EGR pipe from the exhaust. Not a full EGR delete, but no exhaust can now return to the inlet manifold. Did this while I was cleaning out the EGR body. Made a post on this a while back.

The motorways were mostly reduced to 60 MPH for either roadworks or environmental reasons, so I pinned it at around 58 for the average speed cameras.

Got an average of 66 MPG over the whole trip which included some A/B roads at either end.


350 miles in total dropped the tank to the 1/2 marker from full, which returns about 63MPG, which backs up the trip computer, give or take.

If I'd have known this was a thing, I'd have done the delete 15 years ago. The most I ever managed out of a 150 PD is 50 MPG. Damn.

The only other side effect of this delete is that the temp gauge now sits half way between the 90 marker and hatched. Takes longer to warm up as well.

Still passes the MOT emission, but the it still has the CAT fitted.

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