Mileage:89650 M
I've owned this Bora since 2012 with 32000 miles on it and in that time it has been a very reliable car. Now only selling as we need something bigger for children. It still drives very well and the engine is strong. It is an honest car with good interior and low mileage for the age. Its a 130ASZ which is the middle of the road PD engine. Nothing to be sniffed at and a fantastic mile muncher with enough poke to keep you smiling

It was written off (Cat N) in March 2018, and I retained the vehicle and had it fixed. For this it had a new windscreen, four new tyres and a respray to the boot lid.

Subtle modifications using genuine parts have been carried out to improve the vehicle since I have owned it which include: Headlights with integrated fog lights (from a different model Bora), Komfortblinkers (lane change indicators which flash three times on a press), automatic headlights, power folding exterior mirrors, three button key fobs (with boot button), Passat W8 courtesy light. EGR recirculation delete and 180bhp remap. The car has also has a Parrot bluetooth phone kit fitted, with the headunit in the ash tray, using a genuine VW microphone.

I have serviced the car as required and it has always had genuine Long Life 3 Quantum oil and fuel, oil, air and cabin filters from quality brands (Febi/Bilstein used on most recent service). This is very simple on the engine and could be reliably maintained by someone with a little skill. The engine still pulls like a train and puts a smile on peoples faces when they drive or ride along and achieves good mileage.

Bad points: Probably needs new callipers on the rear as these are dragging or at the very minimum an overhaul - however the car is still very driveable albeit with reduced MPG, scratched all around (vandalism from the write off) and boot lid paint now looking a bit tired, age related wear to the car both internally and externally, steering wheel slightly off centre but the car is tracked true. Probably due a cambelt on age rather than mileage.

Good points: Lots of service history including clutch and dual mass flywheel change and cambelt, alternator pulley and dogbone (lower) engine mount. Very comfortable and tidy leather interior with heated seats, 6 CD changer, recent tyre and front wishbone on MOT advisory. Its covered less than 5000 miles in the last two years

Documented history to 2016ish... A_K's Bora

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Test drives welcome - More photos here including more service book Bora. Seem to have missed some photos from the upload so more will appear later today.