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4Motion Noisy Power Steering ?? Help

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My 4Mo Golf, I have had some niggles with it, alternator probs, fuel smells, the works lol, which are now all sorted...BUT....When I drive my car, at slower speeds. ie. parking and manouvering, the power steering seems VERY noisy? Are your 4motions the same ? I mean its very noisy, the pump seems to make a rackeet ! although the steering is not heavy and the engine RPM does not move when u manouvre so i think the pump is ok? Let me know your thoughts, muchus appreciatos ! Its going in for the Haldex oil and filter and Engine oil and filter tomoz to a time served VW dealer who does foreigners how muc hare u guys paying for this service? just to gauge how much he is ripping me off ? hehe Hope to chat with you all lots over the neext few years Tony

< I am mechanical and electrical / avionics but unfortunately its on fast jets, helicopters and small arms lol so cars aint my thing haha
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Have you checked your Power Steering fluid?

The noise u say could be because it is low?
Well I checked the fluid level and it was indeed non existent hence the noisy pump struggles as expected
Topped it up, turned hard left right few times, bit more in to the full mark again then it was cured
runs like a dream now, nice and quiet lol

i just had the haldex and engine oil and filters changed, front discs re-skimmed
, engine diagniostocs checked, fitted neon blue headlights, full mechanical check of vehicle for £160
awesome garage and mechanic I met lives up north wales

All clear and serviceable

Only things he flagged up were the front anto roll bar anti slide bushes were cracking but ill wait for em to start knocking before I change them lol and the front wishbone driver side rear bush needs replacing soon. other than that she is a war goer

Tks for replys

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