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3 new coil packs broken?

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hi all in the space of 3 weeks 3 new coil packs have broken there is no spark when ypou lift them out?

why would this happen? thanks
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maybe because they are faulty?? or a faulty crank sensor
Are they OEM or happy shoppy 3rd party units?

You could have isssues with your fuel or plugs making the coils work extra hard?
whats oem? i got them from a shop on ebay called av taylor?

they have 12 months warrenty on them

get them form vw + get 2 year warranty last i got one i think it was £33.00
got your coil packs from ebay? [:S] mate thats probably insane you should get the original parts from vw
When i priced up a coilpack, i think it would about £30 from motor factors and £50ish from VW.

Soon adds up when you need 4.
Send them back to the ebay seller and go to a main dealer or TPS, I have not found any non genuie coild pack to be any good yet?

right i changed all spark plugs today with denso ones, cleaned all the vacuum pipes, and plugged it up to vag-com and no faults found took the car for a drive, WOW the power is un real, thanks all for your help, so car is working great after a new maf, new coil packs, and spark plugs, im just glad i have a great working car cheers all[Y]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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