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2002 gamma highline head unit

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I've read through a link on this site about gamma head units aftermarket head units. Speakers, amps, I'm going to go down the road of a 4 channel amp with my standard head unit. When I use the 6 block connector adapter, will I be able to use the bass, treble and volume dial on my head unit to change levels. Thanks. Sorry if it sounds dumb. It just doesn't work like that on my home TV. I have to use hifi remote for volume
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1 more question. I've got a connects2 hands free/audio streaming Bluetooth adapter. I've had to disconnect my cd changer. Can I wire it together for if I want to play a cd at some point?
Yes you will be able to use all your original audio controls.Unless the Connects2 box has a connection specifically for a CD changer,then I guess the answer must be no,it will have instructions that will tell you exactly what it can or can't do.
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