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The Rotex website shows for Volkswagen Golf MK4 V6 go from 204 to 285HP

The carlicious stage 3 claims gain around +150hp/nm and fits all v6 4-motion engine-bays

How do you choose as I've also been looking into this?
The higher hp claims are established with upgraded hardware...

The best course of action would be to look for the kits and see of you can find the hardware used in the kits they offer, I have saved a few thousand pounds in the builds I have managed to make by finding the same parts cheaper... except for finding a tuner as that means finding one that has a RR and has the know how... and that last part is a lot harder.

Ps with upgraded hardware I'm talking engine parts, a smaller pulley for the supercharger, stronger head bolts, reduction plates, bigger injectors, stronger clutches, intercooler, boostpipes the addition of a map sensor, a ecu that actually can deal with the map sensor, bigger exhaust diameter, an oilcooler, and of course a proper cold air intake system....

The lot isn't cheap and most of the kits are a lot easier to get all the hardware needed to get it to the stage they are actually made for... oww and FYI rotex doesn't have a cradle that makes the supercharger fit if you buy it directly from them, but you can customize the cradle that holds the airco pump to make it fit. And no the vortex supercharger cradle does not fit the rotex supercharger....

And talking about superchargers there is one called the t-rex not as well known but because of that a lot cheaper and it gives about the same options as the vortech V- superchargers, but it needs plumbing into the sump just like the vortech superchargers....

So yeah it is a case of looking at what is available and what you can get at your budget.. it is why I said a turbo kit is way cheaper and easier to get plus it has more potential.

But you can just add a supercharger by itself and remap the car to account for the extra air. . Nothing will blow up and totally add another 80 to 90 bho and about 110nm of torque, and call it a day... but you'll need a stronger clutch and might want to add an oilcooler into the mix too.
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