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Fuse popped today for interior lights and the central locking wasn't working. Replaced the fuse. Things seemed fine, drove the car with no problems throughout the day.

Partner took the car, came home this evening parked, turned the engine off, shut the door and she may or may have not have pressed the keyfob (she can't recall) but the alarm started screaming, keyfob doesn't work, and windows automatically all came down for some reason.

The alarm thankfully shut off after about ten minutes, the windows come back up when you manually lock the car. No interior lights are working at all. No warning lights are showing on the dash, the car fires up and turns over normally.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I'm a bit concerned it's a major electrical fault and I don't know where to start.

I'd start with putting a multimeter onto continuity and probing between the live size of the fuse and a known ground (any bare metal, there's plenty by the fuse box behind the dash). If there's continuity then you've got a short.

Find everything on that fuse, which to me sounds like all door modules, interior light unit and perhaps the CCM. Unplug one thing at a time and recheck continuity to ground from the fuse. Once continuity is no longer present, you've found your issue. The last thing you unplugged is the item causing the short.
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