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12v ignition switch supply

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how do brainy peeps just a quick question i'm in need of a 12v ignition switched feed some where near front bumper area of the car had a bit of a poke around with multimeter but not found anything only going to be running some led DLR lights from it so not a big feed needed

thanks in advance for any help

Derrol [C]
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The reversing light switch on top of the gearbox has an ignition switched input and should be a bleck/green wire.It's not very thick though so it would be a VERY good idea to relay it if you want to power anything else from it.

ta very much for that just what's needed [:D]

and just relay it like it was a set of driving/fog lamps ?

As in come Bring a spur off it to one side of the coil of a relay, then the other side of the coil to earth.

Then feed the common side of the relay with a suitable permanent live. Straight from the battery positive terminal, and use the Normally open (other side) of the relay to run your DRL's
And of course don't forget to fuse the supply INTO the relay.

had a look late yesterday got no black n green to rev switch ? but will check with meter today [*-)]

got all the lamps made up into a loom and found a place to mount relay so getting there

cheers for all the help [Y]
Whatever colour it is there will be an in and an out,so use whatever colour the input is.

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