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1.9 TDi 2000 W reg starting issues when cold ??

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Hi guys my 1.9 TDi golf on a W reg 2000 is having some issues starting first thing on a morning, this is the problem, Jump in on a frosty morning and turn ignition on wait for glow plug light, and start the engine but it turns over great with good cranking speed but starts to fire on what feels like 2 cylinders then 2 and a half, then onto 3 then you can release the starter and rev it and clear it and it then runs on 4 as per normal, give it a 20 secs or so to settle down and its perfect, and won't do it again untill its been left standing for at least approx 8 hrs or so, even if you leave 4 hrs it starts fine..Feels like trying to start a flooded petrol engine and the cylinders clear one by one..

Now ive tried a few things first..

1, brand new battery (as starter speed was'nt great on a freezing morning all ok now with new battery on cranking wise)

2, tonight just fitted 4 new heater plugs but the 4 i took out looked ok, i tested them with a jump pack and all 4 went orange on the end in 6 secs ??

The fault does seem like a glow plug or two not working but they obviously all were, so fitted new ones for nowt really..ive also tried giving it 2 or 3 pre heats before cranking it and its no better to be honest..

It was serviced last week, all filters etc etc, not sure what it was like before the service like as i onlu got it last week as well...

Any idea's where to go from here people advice greatly welcomed...thanks Rob
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I recon it's the water in the battery freezing. Mine has done it a couple of times recently when very cold. My van was doing it more. I solved that by wrapping it in bubble wrap (the battery lol). No problems since.
Some cars come with a gel filled suit or jacket to stop them freezing. Diesels need alot of power to start them so if it's frozen it won't be as effective.
Mine also turns over in the same way in the freezin cold -10. but clears after about 5 - 6 seconds
Retarded injection pump timing, it's common when a cambelt hasn't been done properly and the no1 reason these start bad in the cold. With correct or slightly advanced static timing they will start at freezing with no working glow plugs just fine! This basic setting is only used for starting, so when the engine is running in most circumstances you can't tell as the ecu dials out the error.

Get someone with the experties and coputer equiptment to check the COI.

This information does not apply to PD engines.

Thanks Greg its been ok the last two days but its been in garage and its not as cold outside ethier i will keep an eye on it as it will be back out garage when my other car comes back tomorrow
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