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1.8T-R32 256mm rear upgrade carrier position

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Hi all.

Hoping someone can help out with this.

I've recently completed a full R32 brake upgrade front and rear to my 2002 1.8T. The entire setup came from an R32 including discs calipers carriers etc. I was aware of the offset issue on the rears and fitted 6mm spacers during the install.

During fitting, I felt I could have done with a 6.5mm spacer as the disc doesn't quite sit bang in the middle of the carrier legs that straddle either side of the disc but I guess that isn't going to be an issue long term anyway.

Once all fitted and bled I thought it was a good job well done, have done a few miles and am really happy with the stopping power.

Unfortunately Ive noticed a noise from the rear of the car when moving slowly. Its hard to describe but its a sort of muted "tang" evry so often and seems worse as the brakes get warm, probably as a result of some expansion and its as if something is catching somewhere. On closer inspection, it looks to me as if the caliper carrier is virtually touching the outer edge of the disc and now I've done a few miles I can see that the pad is contacting with the disc much closer to the hub than I would expect leaving a 4 or 5mm ring around the outer face of the disc.

Is there an issue with the R32 carriers when fitted to a 1.8T which brings everything closer in to the centre of the disc? Is there something else I've missed?

I want to start ruling stuff out and as this is the most obvious culprit I want to deal with that first. Ive attached a couple of (not great) pics that hopefully illustrate the issues and show the carrier position and pad position.

Please don't judge as I plan to refurb, repaint and make it all look pretty over winter when I don't use the car and Ive just given the car a good wash hence the rust on the discs. :whistle:

Any help or input appreciated on any of this.



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I had this on mine, I got hold of somegenuine TRW 2wd 256 rearcarriers brand new fromrbay, they were £24 each iirc, cured the problem completely.
Thanks Mattp

Had a look this afternoon and have to confess to a schoolboy error.????

Clearly got distracted and didn't torque up the wheel bolts on one of the wheels hence the noise. Oops. Could have been interesting. Still, think I'll get some 2WD carriers on order and for those looking, the R32 carriers are clearly not a perfect fit for a 1.8T 256mm rear upgrade.

Even with fwd 256mm rear carriers you still get the bit of outer disc that does not meet pad. Both my anniversaries have the ring towards the outer edge ... so does my pd150 that has r32 rear carriers and 6mm spacers ..... they all wear the disc the same.
In your first pic the disc clearance to the carrier is seriously close. I am sure mine is not like this!!!

Slightly oversize disc?

@ poker pro: Thanks for the reply. I expect a lip on the outer and inner edges where the pad doesn't contact the disc and normally its around 1mm on the outer edge. My disc shows at least 5mm on the outer edge and the pad sits right on the inner edge of the disc so there will be no lip at all. If the carrier had a slightly different position, the pad would sit somewhere central on the disc.

@ NooNoo: Thanks also for the reply. I can check the disc and yes it is seriously close. I assumed it was a carrier issue and not one with the disc. Do you use R32 carriers on the rear or ones from the another VAG vehicle but 2wd and not 4wd?


You are correct with the 2wd carriers the ring on the outer edge is less than with 4wd carriers and 6mm spacer.

I just re checked all 3 of my 256mm rear setups .... the 4wd rear carriers have the disc sitting VERY close to the carrier .... just like your pic.

My 2wd 256mm carriers have a gap of a few mm between carrier and discs edge .....and a smaller outer "ring of rust".

So yes its now clear ..... i need to put some 2wd carriers on my pd150 as im not comfortable with how close the disc edge is to carrier. Plus a 1mm ring of rust sure beats a 5mm ring of rust.

i guess i must of been dreaming when i "saw" all 3 setups wearing down the same.
I have a gap of about 4mm with genuine 2WD carriers off a VRS.

Don't like the look of that at all. At least the edge won't get any surface rust :eek:

Well that's enough evidence for me.

Need to find a set of rear 256 carriers from a 2wd VAG.

Will update when I have fitted them and see if I cen work out what the differences actually are.

Cheers for all the input.

Geeze :D
Many people do run 4WD carriers, I was not aware of the closeness of the disc/carrier though. Odd.
Will remember that in future.

For the mean time you could put them on a lathe and take a bit off the diameter of the disc, then buy the 2wd carriers at your leasure. I know it's not a permanent fix as you would have to do this everytime you replace the disc but that's dam close and only 10min job.
Great idea but whilst I have a lot of tools, don't have a lathe.

Maybe ask the missus for one as an early Christmas present!
Yup, at the end of the day the 4wd carriers aren't designed for the 2wd, otherwise they would have just manufactured 1 part then had a factory spacer plate, or just same carrier with different offset, which on first glance it looks like that, but side by side as you say the shape is subtly different.

Other strange thing is on all the cars I've seen with it, the drivers side is always closer?

As I say genuine ones (TRW) are dirt cheap now, £25 each from ebay. With sliders and everything
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