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£650 MK5 Golf GTi Project

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Hello! Me and @adam- have done a thing...

A family members mk5 golf failed its MOT and she reached out to me keen to sell it on due to an £1100 garage bill to complete work needed for its MOT. She had owned this car since 2009 and I'd expressed interest in it back in 2015 as I of course have an obsession with grey mk5 golfs (I have an ongoing edition 30 project that will probably never be completed due to being more interested in every other car I ever get offered). So even though we have no real need for it, we bought it.

The new toy is a 2005 DSG MK5 Golf GTi in steel grey of course... 75k miles and full service history from a VW specialist garage. She came to us as an MOT failure needing an exhaust rear section (silencer has separated at the side), two rear calipers and a brake light bulb for the sum of £650. This also included a 7/8 full tank of fuel and a genuine VW dog guard. She's got factory fitted sensors, a smokers pack and leathers so the options box wasn't heavily ticked but the interior is a good little bonus. She also came to us with the RUSTIEST exterior bodywork I've actually ever seen on a mk5, however sills are fine and it appears to only affect replaceable panels :jumpmove:

It looks like it hasn't been washed in about 5 years too and that's no exaggeration!

thumbnail_20230507_202000 by morgenn, on Flickr
thumbnail_20230507_202014 by morgenn, on Flickr

So we gave her a well-needed bath before having a thorough look round. Didn't want to miss anything under the grime, although that would be difficult because you could probably spot the rust on this from another country.

thumbnail_20230507_203212 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230507_203807 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230507_203818 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230507_203826 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230507_212047 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230514_145613 by morgenn, on Flickr

thumbnail_20230507_210833 by morgenn, on Flickr

Adam checked on vagcom and the only codes that really came up were to do with the exhaust leak so nothing sinister found there!

So, Adam and I got to work (mostly Adam because I'm about as much use as a chocolate fireguard). We ordered a seal kit for the callipers hoping we could get away with a £12 repair on these. We had luck on our side and it did work! Both calipers now working. Brake lines also replaced as one snapped when removing the calliper, of course.

thumbnail_20230511_210417 by morgenn, on Flickr

Next up - cam follower. We've got a PCV on order too as it broke during fitment of this but waiting for it to arrive

thumbnail_20230514_145048 by morgenn, on Flickr

Picked up an RCD510 as we wanted something a bit prettier but still OEM and got this fitted today. Leaving the dash taken apart for now as we also have a cherry red hazard switch on order and need to sort out bluetooth connectivity.

thumbnail_20230514_145637 by morgenn, on Flickr
thumbnail_20230515_192930 by morgenn, on Flickr

The front grill was doing our heads in, I've never seen one quite so faded by the sun before so I went at it with a heat gun for a bit. It's not the best result but it's ten times better than before, especially the honeycomb top grill.

thumbnail_20230514_152249 by morgenn, on Flickr
thumbnail_20230514_151547 by morgenn, on Flickr
thumbnail_20230514_153350 by morgenn, on Flickr

Today she also had an oil & filter change as well as fuel filter, plugs and a pollen filter. We had an air filter ordered too but they've sent the wrong one sooooo that's not getting done. Adam also cut some holes in the air box because as you all know, he can't leave anything alone.

Next up - drivers front window regulator needing done, the exhaust getting sorted and sort out the bulbs. Also need to remember to order a de-wiper bung as the rear wiper is also now removed. Who wants those useless things? :poop:
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not a bad buy... i was looking at a few and i have seen them going for more with no mot and in worse condition... you did the right thing even if you don't keep it and sell it on once sorted you'll be in the money. also a perfect time to go for a nice sounding exhaust.... actually I'd just chuck on a rear silencer delete with the original tips means getting some pipes bend and weld the tips on done. means the biggest cost is gone, and when you go to sell it people will love the noise.
20230520_104000 by morgenn, on Flickr

All of this arrived this morning  Please excuse the dirty hob...Should ideally have given it a wipe before taking a photo but I was excited.

PCV, chrome-tipped switches, cherry red hazard switch, LED interior lights, USBs for fast charging, bluetooth adapter thingy for the head unit and new reg bulb lights have arrived! Should be busy tonight
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I'd have gone for the OE VW units for the number plate lights, no messing around with a massive heat sink and still LED ;)

I genuinly thought the brown on the alloys was brake dust, was shocked when I scrolled down!
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