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  1. Regional Meets
    First of all sorry if this shouldn't be in here, mods feel free to move, I know it's a simple thing to fix but I'm just looking to pay someone else to do it. Any reconmendations for a garage in Edinburgh that knows about this common fualt? Any idea on costs? Thanks
  2. Regional Meets
    There's a thread on the seatcupra site about this rolling road meet for charity for under privileged kids, it's £30 a pop on the RR, good chance to see what your car is putting out and help out kids at the same time, win win. Anyway here's a link to the original post but we could start a list on...
  3. Regional Meets
    Anyone on here from this direction doing this? On this weekend
  4. Regional Meets
    think we should have a scottish meet
  5. Regional Meets
    hi all,i have just moved back to kelso from sunderland,never thought there was as many mod golfs up this way,whos all on here from the borders
  6. Regional Meets
    anyone going to the show this weekend? i take it there wont be a stand?
  7. Regional Meets
    Anyone know where i can buy some more of this lovley (expensive) stuff in Aberdeen ? Costs a damn fortune to get it posted and i will be in aberdeen when i get back from the north sea................. Not exactly on topic i know, appologies.
  8. Regional Meets
    Hi guys, Im on the look out for a 3dr gt tdi 130. Got at the most 5k to spend so looking for under 100k miles. Ideally 3dr but would consider 5dr. Been looking through autotrader and piston heads. So anyone know of any good examples around for sale? Cheers Nick
  9. Regional Meets
    Alright guys, Anyone know of a really decent cheap garage in Aberdeen that can replace my Oil Sump? Cracked mine last week and been trying to get a couple of prices, the garage I normally use quoted £310 including parts (Stuart Michell, greenbank road) Found VW had the parts (New sump and...
  10. Regional Meets
    is there anyone up for a meet up next month?
  11. Regional Meets
  12. Regional Meets
    Who's up for it? Perth again as it's central. Was thinking 3ish in the afternoon? Thanks
  13. Regional Meets
    Sunday 31st Perth Broxdon Services (beside the Hotel) 2PM See you there [:)]
  14. Regional Meets
    Does anyone know where the best reputable VW garages are in the north of scotland? For Parts, Services etc etc..
  15. Regional Meets
    Hi guys, as some of you will know, im going to get my BBS RC's redone in their original finish next month. This will involve having the wheels sent down south for about 1-2weeks. However, I will still need to use my car to commute to work on a daily basis, so i was wondering if someone has a...
  16. Regional Meets
    Hi All I quite fancy a wee power run wondered if any of you ladies and gents would like to join in, we could make a day of it?[au]
  17. Regional Meets
    Spotted two Anniversaries (Red and Silver) in Renfrew around 10.8.09 Hi, Recently spotted a nice looking anniversary on my way to work, and one in my work's car park. The silver one is in my works car park: registration SJ** MVJ The red one I spotted on the M8 going East-bound past the...
  18. Regional Meets
    Was thinking: sunday 16th of august? 3 o'clockish? Central area? - Falkirk wheel? Thought on it?? :D
  19. Regional Meets
    Add your name if you wanna come along :thumbs: Click on my signature to take you to the main thread. 400+ peeps in February and would love more of teh same.
  20. Regional Meets
    Hi guys, i was wondering if anybody could recommend a garage in the central belt, glasgow kinda lanarkshire area to take my bora tdi to to get it re-mapped, anybody other than bedrock in mwell.
1-20 of 158 Results