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  1. Car Parts For Sale
    Having a clear out of my left over mk4 stuff.. Up for sale is a set of wheels I used to have on my mk4. 19" BMW X5 tiger claws. The wheels do have some kerbing damage, and the tyres on them will need to be replaced, however this is all reflected in the price. £200 cash collected, including...
  2. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Hey All, I have a 59 plate Scirocco TDI 2.0 I noticed after driving it for a few weeks that it wasn't as powerful as it should be, coming from a 1.6 Corsa VXR I was pretty unimpressed with the power/speed. Not knowing much about cars myself I kind of just accepted it. Until one day, when at...
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I'm thinking about remapping my scirocco to stage 2, this includes removing the dpf. I know that it is illegal to do this if it is being driven on public roads, but there is no way of telling if the dpf has been removed without a inspection. Will the MOT changes highlight the fact that the dpf...
  4. Car Parts For Sale
    Now Sold. *************************************************************************************************************** All Adverts must contain photos showing your Username and current date written or printed on a piece of paper along with the item you are selling. For an example of this...
  5. Car Parts For Sale
    Item Title: MK6 Flat Bottom Scirocco Steering Wheel (With Paddles) Item Description: Steering wheel wired for a mk4 golf so the back lights show included is a pac swi cp5 so you can hook the steering wheel buttons to the aftermarked head unit (pioneer in my case) Brand new barely used...
  6. TDI & Diesel Forum
    I am working up to doing a cambelt change on my 1.9TDI BXE PD Engine (2007 Golf Match) and have a Cambelt Kit and most of the tools required but cannot find any info on the lock tool required. I gather that early engines had a round crank pulley and later ones oval which each require a...
  7. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I've talked myself into getting a remap now i've decided to keep the Scirocco for another year, what would people recommend, i'm tempted by the Bluefin mainly due to it's simplicity to setup!
1-7 of 7 Results