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  1. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Hey all, I was just wondering if anybody has any recommendations for remapping my car. I just plan on getting a stage 1 remap with a hardcut limiter but all the places I've looked at with decent power increase are really far away. Also when I was on the phone with celtic tuning they said to have...
  2. MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora
    Hey guys, I am located in Australia and I own a MKIV GTI AGU (018CH). No one down here tunes the M3.8.3 ECU anymore besides one or two guys. Can anyone here recommend a good tuner/vendor for me to speak to about getting a custom stage 1/2 tune done remotely. Car: 3 Inch Stainless 3 Inch...
1-2 of 2 Results