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  1. Regional Meets
    April15 by stetopping, on Flickr Lighter nights B)
  2. Regional Meets
    March15 by stetopping, on Flickr See ya there ;)
  3. Regional Meets
    December 14 by stetopping, on Flickr See ya there.
  4. Regional Meets
    November 14 by stetopping, on Flickr
  5. Regional Meets
    October 14 by stetopping, on Flickr See everyone there, bring a jacket as its gonna be a bit of a cold one
  6. Regional Meets
    Sept 14 by stetopping, on Flickr
  7. Regional Meets
    Aug 14 by stetopping, on Flickr
  8. Regional Meets
    not sure if this has been posted but im going to a vag meet in stockport on the 20th of april details below is this groups first meet so would be nice for a good turn out heres a link to the event
  9. Regional Meets
    not sure if members have seen this on facebook but it looks like its going to be a big turn out more info here me and a few mates are going in our mk4s but i think its open to all clubs and cars more info below This event is being held...
  10. Regional Meets
    Just a quick note to say my local club are having a big annual show this weekend, and has been a very good turn out the previous years.. So much so, that its has chaged to a bigger venue and is now a weekend thing.. With the weather like it has been should be a very good weekend. (To late to pre...
  11. Regional Meets
    Hopefully we can get this going as a regular event on the last Sunday of the Month. Location Address: Garswood Old Road, East Lancs Road, St Helens, Merseyside WA11 7LX Its a carvery so there shouldn't be a massive wait. I will find out if we need to book a table So who's keen? 1) Bert-NW
  12. Regional Meets
    Im gonna miss out on this one im affraid as il be in Germany. Have a good meet guys ;)
  13. Regional Meets
    Names Locations? Availablity? And will you actually turn up........
  14. Regional Meets
    Hi, I've set up a new website and need all details for not just VW meets but all car club meets in the North West and national ones. They can be family affair events or night time meets....i'm not fussed Send me details please and maybe what your opinion is of the meet or the club that...
  15. Regional Meets
    NOTE: the meet date has now changed to the first Sunday of the month. Great turn out last time, lets keep it going.
  16. Regional Meets
    Does any one know of any meets in merseyside or the wirral area or would any one be intrested in arranging one most of the others are quite far from me and am sure this is the case for others
1-20 of 376 Results