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  1. Regional Meets
    Hi all anyone going to this 4th of may? All vag and any other cars suppose to be a good turn out everytime Fancy a big group meet???
  2. Regional Meets
    There's a meet today called "So-Wai" Unsure how big this will be as I have never really been to things like this but thought I'd check it out, apparently slammed media and fast car might be making an appearance?
  3. Regional Meets
    ok a couple of weeks notice, setting a date of 23rd june for a meet for the cardiff area suggestions of venue appreciated aswell as who will attend............................
  4. Regional Meets
    anyone fancy a meet sometime?
  5. Regional Meets
    Anyone else thinking of heading to the Mega Meet? Think i should be going to the Saturday and Sunday so thought id start a thread to see if anyone else was up for conveying up there to make the journey a little more fun!? [au]
  6. Regional Meets
    Can anyone help me code a key / get it cut and alo install remote central locking
  7. Regional Meets
    mods i dont know if this is in the right place but if not feel free to move but your co operation with this would be very very grateful thank you... right then chaps my self and a few of the fellow members have decided we are going to get a meet sorted out for the local valley boys we are...
  8. Regional Meets
    Hi Guys, SFS Performance are having a RR day on the 28th at Indigo GT, 3 runs £35 and free food! All are welcome, details of the venue
  9. Regional Meets
    Hello all, See thread above for details. Basically, Im after a standard bonnet for a mk4 Golf in LC9Z colour. Will happily do a straight swaop for mine which has had the notched filled and sprayed professionally. Also, will be more than happy to swap...
  10. Regional Meets
    Hello everybody, again. I have purchased a new Golf. This is my 3rd Golf GTi; 1st was 1.8T 150; 2nd was 2.0 8v; current car is 1.8T 180 AUQ Do not have any pics of my own as of yet :( Anyone have any spare parts for a black mk4 Golf that are for sale? Anyone got Vag-Com locally to me, Conwy...
  11. Regional Meets
    can have a meet either next sat 25th of feb or 3rd of march at my work place if we said 12-30. (which has huge car park and burger van) this is located behind b and q in bridgend, easy to get to off m4 junc 35 head to wards bridgend from motor way , straight over first roundabout, left at the...
  12. Regional Meets
    Just thought i would post this up. Wales Volksfest 2012 will not be held in Margam Country Park this year. Instead it will be held at Camarthen Show Ground on the 3rd, 4th and 5th August 2012.
  13. Regional Meets
    Hi to all......... Please let me know when people would prefer to have the meets and I will sort out things from there [Y] [poll]
  14. Regional Meets
    do the north wales lot ever have any local meets etc as be good to meet a few of you plus gets me out the house
  15. Regional Meets
    Inspired by this really Id like to take some rollers in the tunnels with people if they are up for it? Ideally we need a camera car on stock suspension as they take better pics. Obviously we'd only be doing this 1 or 2 cars at a time so as not to attract attention. Is there someone close by...
  16. Regional Meets
    Does anyone fancy having a South Wales meet one weekend in September? Maybe a drive over the Brecon aswell?
  17. Regional Meets
    Guys, we need to sort a meet out as we've not had one in such a long time. Any dates that anyone fancy?
  18. Regional Meets
    I need to find out which seat is causing my air-bag light to come on before the cars first MOT next month. North wales or Chester area would be ideal? Beer tokens will be supplied! [B]
  19. Regional Meets
    So, from looking at the show calendar, there seems to be shows at the beginning and the end of June. Would anyone be interested in a meet say Sunday 19th? Locations available: - The pass - Tesco Broughton - The Orme Any more locations before we stick it to a vote?
1-20 of 233 Results