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  1. Regional Meets
    Hi just in the process of buying my first mk4 and came across this site. I run the Club gti north east regional meet and was wondering if you's guys would like to come along. My idea is to have a General Vw meet in the north east rather than lots of different meets as there is not that many vw...
  2. Regional Meets
    Any one up for a Pre Christmass Meet????
  3. Regional Meets
    Well if any of you are coming 1 o clock at pulams durham then well shoot off down else were to have some banter may be lunch?? Andy
  4. Regional Meets
    Is anybody interested in having a meet in the NE? Say when & where and we can try to sort something out. Personally, the last weekend in September would be best because of the 'Ring trip. Post your interest here!
  5. Regional Meets
    Can we orginise a meet for mid of August may be best for a admin to arrange it as i dont know any of you guys. May be meet central from were every one is coming from Andy
  6. Regional Meets
    Would anyone like to come to a meet soon? Give me some ideas of where and when and we shall organise!
  7. Regional Meets
    Well, nice to see everyone - not a bad turnout between the two days. I'm still sunburnt from Saturday! Here are some pics from the trackday, didn't manage to take any from the rag-tag MK4s meet on Sunday: A3, TT, Elise, 3 Golfs & a Bora [:P] Awesome's MK5 with dual twin tailpipes...
  8. Regional Meets
    See original topic here -
  9. Regional Meets
    Well, as I enjoyed the last one...and hope you all had a larf (mainly at my expense)...we're planning another meet for next month. There are two choices, see how they sit with people. I'll be down at Croft on the 23rd (Saturday) so we could have it there...or we could have it at the Baltic or...
  10. Regional Meets
    Nice to see a few more faces today [:)] Shame it was cold again though! Stick any pics/comments you've got in here...
  11. Regional Meets
    Hi could all that are coming please list below Regards Gav
  12. Regional Meets
    Right...we're going to try to have a meet on the 20th but we need to find a location. Could anyone who's interested please say so here? The new industrial area near Gosforth Park is out because the car park is locked. Any other suggestions would be great! Cheers Stew
  13. Regional Meets
    Someone fancy arranging a joint meet? Or even just a North East meet would do! Any interest?
  14. Regional Meets
    would like to arrange a meet at gosforth park but need to know how many people are intrested so can arrange.
  15. Regional Meets
    does anyone know when the nexy north east meet is planned for?
  16. Regional Meets
    December 12th 2004 Meeting at 1.30pm on Sunday at St. James' Park, then onto the roads around Sage for some motion shots.
  17. Regional Meets
    Anyone fancy it? Suggestions please???
  18. Regional Meets
    METTING Durham Services A1 Time say 1 pm 10th October 2004 [:D]
  19. Regional Meets
    its about time we had another meet before the cold weather sets in
141-159 of 159 Results