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  1. D.I.Y Guides and How to Instructions
    Hi, I need to replace my accelerator as it is faulty. there is white plastic blocking it from being taken out. How do I remove this plastic?
  2. MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora
    Hi, I need to replace my accelerator as it is faulty. there is white plastic blocking it from being taken out. How to I remove this plastic?
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    After the successful timing belt replacement i have failed with valve cover gasket replacement and thermostat installation. Used a vcg from darkside it had the 1tab where my rocker cover has the 2tabs either side of the half moons. I Stanley bladed the tabs off torqued down but have drips of...
  4. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Can anybody help identify these brembo 4 piston calipers? They have two pins with little Rclips. I need to source some 355mm floating discs with 10x M6 bolts for the bells. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Wheels and Tyres
    I'm stripping my old golf, but can't find the locking nut key. Any good tips to get them off? I don't want to damage the wheels. I've been looking for the best removal tool, but there are a lot of choices. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Hi guys, I'm stripping my old golf and need suspension for another vehicle. Thing is, the old golf has been standing for a few years, so much of it is now not much use. How do I know if the suspension is ok? I can only get one wheel off at the moment, so I've taken pics of the spring. It...
  7. Interiors
    So I recently purchased some Audi A3 Recaro style seats for my golf, they fit the rails fine but the airbag plug is different to my previous seats. I've heard that people have soldered the plug from their Golf seats to the Audi seats loom, but I'm struggling to find anywhere on the forums that...
  8. Wheels and Tyres
    Hi everyone, Managed to source a set of anniversary alloys but unfortunately the VW badges have white worm and are pretty faded. Been looking everyone to find someone who can make a set up for me but no luck. Does anyone know where to buy any of these inserts at a reasonable price Failing...
  9. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I have a 2.0 petrol Bora Sport and was looking for a rear silencer delete, but I only came across one on ebay for the 1.9 diesel. Has any one done this to there car? Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  10. Detailing and Car Care Discussion
    Anyone done it before? I have 3 spoke steering wheel with blue stitch from factory(Sport Edition Golf), which is very ugly because color from leather has faded. So now I'm thinking how to restore it. The new one is 370€ on ebay, which is too expensive and used in good condition is very hard to...
  11. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi everyone, I've got a bora 1.9 pd130 and I'm looking at making it a more fun daily driver, anyone know where I should start at increasing the power. Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  12. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Hi, Can anyone confirm the size and dimensions of the front caliper (312mm) banjo bolt please? Is it M10x1mm ? Length? Thanks! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  13. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hey guys, Anyone seen or heard of or done a screen behind smoked glass in a vent and know what's needed? I like the OE stereo but want Bluetooth streaming and hands free so might plump for a parrot and hide the screen and controls away somewhere. Hidden screen would be cool I think. Sent from...
  14. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi. Is there an electrical expert out there? I have a 2003 golf 130 bought for general fiddling and fettling. Will try keep this short.... The rear bench was lap strap. So for 30 quid I have put a 3 headrest full belt thing in. I took the covers off the seats and washed them. While they were...
  15. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hello, I have a 2004 MK5 1.9 TDI and it doesnt have front headlights. I bought the light switch that has the option to turn on the fornt fog lights but i dont know how sould i wire them. Is it possible to install them like the stock ones? Do I need to do some mods or coding with VCDS? Sent from...
  16. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Replacing my master cylinder within next few days to fox my spingy brakes. Just wondering what the best way to go about it is, and if theres anything I should look out for in particular? Thanks in advance! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  17. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi all At the moment the golf I have has just got the standard radio in, I'm looking to change it to somthing with Bluetooth hands free and would like to stay with double din. Any recommendations on radios would be nice! Also I'd like to change the heating controls to the ones with screens for...
  18. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Evening chaps, Recently bought a bit of a nail Pd130 3 door. It's previously been in a front end and has had a bit of work done (PD150 slam panel with standard front mount, hodge podge of boost pipes etc) but nothing I can't live with. What I noticed, to my surprise, when I first took the...
  19. Wheels and Tyres
    I have a bora just bought some new wheels they are xxr 530 18" 8.75j et33 and they are hitting my coilovers. What size spacers should I run to stop this. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  20. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi all.. I bought a cheap mk1 leon the other month.. Anyways I just noticed the engine code is wrong and someone has tried to grind it off.. Should be AUQ It looks like AW... Any other way to identify the head? Its got a SAI on it.. Its only a parts car for me so no issues but curiosity is...
1-20 of 151 Results